Bold Smart Cylinder Lock plus Connect Custom Bundle

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Product Information


Please note this is a custom bundle, unique to Tech-Planet, consisting of any one of the following Bold Smart Cylinder Lock models and a Bold Connect:

  • SX-43
  • SX-45
  • SX-53
  • SX-63

If you require the SX-33 model please see the manufacturers Smart Lock and Connect Bundle, here, which is a separate product.


The Bold Smart Lock is a bluetooth enabled keyless smart cylinder designed for easy and safe access control where keys are no longer needed.  Apple iOS or Android app required.

With auto-activation (can be switched off) the Bold Smart Lock automatically unlocks as soon as you are within bluetooth range.

The Bold Connect brings your bold lock online.  Activate your locks or change settings wherever you are.  Also receive real-time push notifications.

Easily share access permissions with family members or visitors and remove them when no longer required.



Thanks to its Duracore construction, the Bold Smart Lock is a physical upgrade of your current cylinder. Brass and hardened stainless steel materials are used for a rugged door cylinder. The knobs are brushed satin chrome finished. Its modern design together with mounting extensions allow for easy installation. 

The Bold Smart Lock communicates with the app using multi-layered end-to-end encrytion (TLS and AES-128-CCM) and two-factor authentication.

It has been certified secure by SKG with 3 stars. This gives the Bold Smart Lock the highest possible burglary classification. As the Bold Smart Lock can also be used in combination with anti-corruption seizures, you don't give burglars a chance.


The Bold Smart Lock is completely keyless, even if you've forgotten your smartphone or its battery runs out. A backup PIN can be created within the Bold app which is entered by turning the outside knob left and right.

New techniques of low power consumption enable the battery (1 x 3v CR123A) to have a life of up to 2 years.



Easy DIY installation in 3 easy steps.  Takes no more than 5 minutes. No need to fiddle with wiring or adjust the door.

Replaces existing Euro profile cylinders for doors. Measure existing cylinder and select model to fit dimensions below.

Above image representative of SX-45 model only.


Interior Fitment

(Interior distance from screw centrer)

Exterior Fitment

(Exterior distance from screw center)

SX-43 40mm to 45mm 30mm to 45mm
SX-45 40mm to 45mm 50mm to 65mm
SX-53 50mm to 55mm 30mm to 45mm
SX-63 60mm to 65mm 30mm to 45mm
Two-year limited warranty. Please refer to the Bold website for more information. If you are a consumer, the limited warranty is in addition to your consumer rights, and does not jeopardise these rights in any way.
Inside: 10°C to 40°C | Outside: -20°C to 80°C